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Check out our explosive Playoff Confidence Scoring below. The Superbowl being valued at 64 Confidence points! You've never played Confidence Pools like these!
Now you can select the option to Drop Low Week, which will remove your lowest game of the season from your total! It's better than having your whole season ruined by a bad week.

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New NFL Football Pools Features & Upgrades

ProLineup.com is always looking for ways to improve. If you have any ideas to make your experience better, please let us know. Here's some new features scheduled for release during the 2018 NFL Football Pools season:

  • Coming soon! Achievements

    Weekly/Seasonal Achievements - Honor Scores/Streaks/League-History and MUCH MORE!

  • Also Coming soon! Copy Picks

    Copy Picks to other ProLineup NFL Football Pools you have joined. No need to reenter your picks! Coming soon!

  • Completed! Use Playoffs

    Use Playoffs Pool Option on Create League Page. All ProLineup.com NFL Confidence Pools have HUGE Confidence values throughout the Playoffs. In Weeks 18 and 19 there are 4 Playoff Games each week with Confidence values of 8, 16, 32, and 64! Then in Week 20 there are 2 Playoff Games with Confidence Values of 32 and 64! The the Superbowl has a Confidence value of 128!

  • Now Available! Drop Low Week

    Drop Low Week Pool Option on Create League Page.

  • Also Completed! New Picks Screen

    Upgrade Layout and reformat the Picks Screen with Confidence on Left.

  • In Development Now: New League Admin

    Invite Friends by Email: Enter one or more email addresses and a Note to Invite friends/contestants.
    Edit Settings: Settings chosen while Creating your League can now be changed until Week 1 Kickoff.

  • Partially Complete! My Settings Page

    Show Achievements Link
    Enable/Disable Picks Reminder Emails
    Enable Basic Profile Settings

  • Under Construction! Member Achievements

    - Click on a Member's Nickname to View Member Achievements Page.

  • Current Upgrades Task List:

    • Add "Total Members" to League Info Widget / Picks-Admin Page / Join League List.
    • Create Survivor for "Pool Options".
    • Make a Copy Picks Button for multiple pool players.
    • Display Textual Achievements (Step 1).