Browser Compatibility Issues

I use MSN and I can’t make picks. What do I do?

The picks software here at is cross-browser compatible in most cases. However, the software does not work on MSN in some cases.

To make your picks, there are a few browsers that work well. Try either:

  • Mozilla Firefox – Fully Tested, Works Perfect
  • Google Chrome – Fully Tested, Some Restrictions

For good results, although not fully functional you may also use:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Opera
Which browser is the best to use for Pick’em here at
  • The best browser to use for Pick’em games for both MAC and PC is Mozilla FireFox followed by Chrome. Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari are only partially supported.
  • Known IssuesSafari and Opera browsers are only partially supported. These browsers cannot handle certain CSS styles within the pick’em forms, so it is more difficult to determine which Confidence values have been used when making your Confidence Selections. Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera browsers work fine otherwise, just not as convenient.
  • Solutions – We suggest downloading Mozilla FireFox or for a slightly less user friendly experience, download Chrome. These are excellent, free browsers that have been fully tested here at
Why is Firefox better?

Firefox has considerably better user features for making Confidence picks. When selecting a confidence value in the drop-down list, Firefox will indicate which values have already been used. As of 2018, all other browsers only have partial support for styles within drop-down lists.

How to Play

Questions concerning Pro Football Pick 'em pools and How to Play them at Pro

How do I Make Picks?

Select your League from the Drop-Down Menu in the Upper-Right area of your screen. Upon selecting the League you wish to make picks in, the League Home will appear. Under the section labeled “Make Picks”, you may select the teams you wish to pick by simply clicking on the team’s image.

If you are in a “Confidence League” you will also need to select different confidence values for each game. You will do so by clicking on the Confidence selection box for each game and simply click the Confidence value you wish to place on that game.

How does Confidence work?

Basically, the Confidence value reflects how much confidence you have in your pick.

  • All confidence values must be unique.
  • Place the highest Confidence value on the team you think will most easily win.
  • Place the lowest Confidence value on the team you think has the toughest match-up.
  • Your score will be the Confidence Value of your Correct Picks.
How does the Spread work?

If your Pool uses the Spread option, the Spread is applied to the Favorite Team.

  • Example 1: If the Favorite Spread is -2.5, it means that Team is a 2.5 point Favorite and if your League uses the spread, that Team must win by 3 points or more to win the game.
  • Example 2: If the Favorite Spread is -4, it means that Team is a 4 point Favorite and if your League uses the spread, that Team must win by 5 or more to win the game.
The system is not saving my picks. How do I get my picks to save?

If you have made your picks for a given week then leave the League Home page, your picks and confidence values should be visible when you return to the League Home page for the given week.

If you have done this test and your picks are missing, you will need to Enable Javascript on your browser using the browser’s Menu (PC)Tools/Internet Settings or (MAC)Content/Preferences.

What happens when there’s a tie with the spread? or without the spread?

All ties, in all pools are considered a loss. With or without the spread, you must choose a winner.

You cannot choose a tie in our Pick ’em pools.

Join a League

Frequently Asked Questions about how to join a football pool to play pro pickem here at

I was invited to a Private League, but I don’t see where to type in the password.

If the League you were invited to is Private, you will receive a Password in the Invitation Email. After you have Registered and Logged In, click on Join a League be sure to Click on the Join a PRIVATE League Tab to enter the Password.

The League I want to Join is not on the “Join a League” list. What now?

If the League you are trying to Join is not on the List of PUBLIC League, it may be a PRIVATE League, or you may have the wrong League Name.

  • Check the Invitation Email you received to see if there was a Password contained in the instructions and to verify the League Name.
  • If the League is Private, after you click on Join a League, be sure to Click on the Join a PRIVATE League Tab to enter the Password.
  • If you did not receive an Invitation Email, check with the League’s Host to get the Password or the correct League Name.

League Settings and Admin

Can I Change my League or Pool Settings?

Only the League Administrator may Change your Pools Settings. To Change your League’s Pool Settings, select the League from your League Selector then go to the League Admin Tab. On the right side of the Admin Control Panel, use the Pool Options form to Change your League’s Pool Settings.

You may only change settings until the first day of the season.

Can I Invite multiple emails at the same time to Join my NFL Football Pool?

Yes. The Administrator may simply click on “League Admin” then click the + symbol on the Invitation Form to Add Additional Emails.

I Created the wrong type of Pool. Can I delete the League?

Yes, if you are the League Administrator, but you may also simply change your league settings on the League Admin tab on your League Home Page.

League Administrators – To Delete or Remove a League permanently, go to the League Admin tab on the League Home page, then click the “Schedule This League for Deletion” button.

Frequently Asked Questions about my Profile and Account Settings.

Can everyone in my League see my profile information?

No. However, soon anyone can click on your Username to see you Achievements, Trophies and History.

The only Profile information other Members can see is your Username and Avatar, unless you are the League Administrator.

For League Administrators, when you send invitations to your League, recipients will see your name in the invitation if you have entered your name in your profile.

Can I stop the pick reminder emails?

Yes you can.

Simply go to My Settings and uncheck the Reminder Email Check Box.

How do I Delete my Account

If you wish to Delete your Account completely and Remove your Registration Information from our records, just send a request via the Support Form by clicking on the Support Menu Link.


Frequently Asked Questions about how to register at

Can two or more people use the same email address to register and play pickem?

No. The Football Pool software requires that each participant has a unique email address, so I would suggest using a free email service to create an email account for “gaming” purposes.

There are a number of excellent free providers including but not limited to:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • HotMail
Why did it give me such a long password when I registered?

The password you see upon registering is automatically generated for you by the system. It is intended to be only an example. If it is too long or inconvenient, please feel free to change it.

You may change your password before you click reset password, or after you log in by going to My Settings.